How to Care For Diamond Jewellery

There are important steps everyone should take to care of their diamond jewelry. Whether it's your diamond engagement ring, diamond studs, or a diamond necklace, it is important you protect your investment!

At the Time of Purchase

There very first thing you should do when you purchase a diamond is thoroughly inspect your diamond and the setting with a loupe. You will want to make note of any characteristics that can set your jewelry apart. For instance, is there a small inclusion in your diamond, or a unique engraving on the inside of the band? Knowing these special aspects of your diamond and setting will help protect you in the event that your ring gets stolen or tampered with. It is also important to check for any defect like a loose stone or sharp prong so the jeweler can tend to these issues right away.
Another thing you should do after you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry is, insure it. Since diamond jewelry can be the most expensive piece of jewelry you own, it is very important that you protect your investment against damage, loss, and theft. In order to have your jewelry properly insured, you will need to have an insurance appraisal which can usually be obtained from the place you purchased the jewelry from. You will also need high-quality photographs of your jewelry.


Every morning before putting on your diamond jewelry, you should check that all the stones are tight. This can be done by using your fingernail or a small pin to try and move around the stone. If any are loose, don't wear the piece and bring it to your jeweler for repair.
Store your diamonds in a safe spot! You should have two places in your home to store your diamond jewelry, especially your diamond rings. The first should be a safe place for storing your jewelry when you are not wearing it for a long period of time. This could be as simple as buying a safe or as DIY as building your own hidden jewelry storage. The second should be a place you always put your diamond jewelry when you take it off temporarily. This could be a ring holder that is placed next to your sink or in a cabinet. If you take your rings and other jewelry off and put it in different places each time, there is a good chance you could lose them.

DON'T ever do any of the following things with your diamond jewelry:
  • Sleep in your jewelry on.
  • Shower with your jewelry on.
  • Go swimming, do the dishes or anything else that will involve submerging your jewelry in liquids/chemicals.
  • Press on the top of your stones when putting on and off diamond rings--hold the ring from the sides of the shank instead.
For diamond jewelry you love to wear, you should take some time at least once a month to give it a proper cleaning. Rings and earrings will need to be cleaned much more than necklaces and bracelets
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