Best Wedding Planners in India

For Destination Weddings

Want to escape the madness (and never-ending guest list) of getting married in your city? Well, these destination-wedding planners in India will create the perfect, magical getaway for you and your guests.

Destination Wedding Planners
Destination Wedding Planners

#1. Memorable Indian Weddings

Owned and managed by two spirited young women, Sunaina Sharma and Kavya Kalra, this company specializes in planning destination weddings in India and South East Asia.

USP: Their strength lies in planning a wedding that’s a reflection of your personality—complete with all the quirks and eccentricities. Their attempt is to create something that resonates with the couple and incorporates the special moments in their journey.

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#2. Diwas Weddings

With three offices across the country and a global bent to wedding planning, Diwas is an excellent option for couples looking at a destination wedding. Their attention to detail, dynamic team, and global network make them a great option to go for.

USP: As a team that loves to explore, the strength of Diwas lies in tapping off-beat destinations. So if you want something that hasn’t been done before, hire the team that loves to explore.

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#3. Sketchknots

Now here’s one with a twist. This is a company that puts a reverse spin on destination weddings and specializes in helping couples living abroad plan a perfect desi wedding! So if you’re an NRI, or working abroad, or planning to move abroad post the wedding, they’re a great team to work with!

USP: Sketchknots is a great bet for couples looking for a traditional celebration with a global/modern spin. They work to bring the best of both worlds together.

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#4. Ankit Bhargava

For those looking for something personal yet perfectly executed, here’s a destination-wedding planner who assures a memorable experience. With expertise in India’s top 3 wedding destinations—Goa, Kerala & Rajasthan—he makes sure your big day is not just a great celebration, but also a fun holiday for your guests and ‘a series of emotional moments’.

USP: If one of these three destinations is what you’re going for, then Ankit is a great choice to get the best deals and seamless execution

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For Extravagant Weddings

If you’re looking for a wedding that’s straight out of a fairytale book, and place a premium on exclusivity and extravagance, these wedding planners in India are the ones you need to book an appointment with!

Extravagant Wedding Planners
Extravagant Wedding Planners

#5. Magic Lights

A pro in wedding and event planning, predominantly covering Udaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan, Magic lights wedding planners are what you actually need! They have experience with all budgets, luxury weddings, low budget destination weddings, small weddings…pretty much every wedding you can imagine.

​USP: If you are looking for a wedding planner who offers highly personalized planning with impeccable attention to detail and works closely with every couple to make sure their Wedding Day is everything they imagined, Magic Lights is the right choice for you!

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#6. Divya Vithika

Who could promise you a wedding oozing with style and glamour more than a company run by two former Miss India winners! Divya and Vithika, both titleholders, started this full-service company in 2009, and offer as much or as little of the planning assistance as you may need!

USP: The duo believes that entertaining is an art form, and they bring that aesthetic and finesse to every event they plan. So if you’re looking for a wedding that just fits together—be it a theme, color or décor—you’ve got the right planners.

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#7. The Wedding Design Company

Glamorous, timeless, iconic, and classic—that’s the Wedding Design Company in a nutshell. So if you’re looking to create a Winter Wonderland in Paris or have a royal wedding against the backlit forts of Rajasthan, you know you’ve found the right partner.

USP: They can recreate any dream, literally. WDC uses its vast experience to give couples the wedding of their dreams. So if you’re dreaming big, you know where to go to make it a reality.

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#8. 3 Production Weddings

With an emphasis on stylish and couture events, this boutique Bengaluru-based wedding planning company is all about etching your signature style into your wedding. Be it at a destination or in your city, they have all the tools to plan the perfect day.

USP: In a universe where weddings planning can often go out of control, 3 Productions’ strength lies in their meticulous organizational skills. If you like things to be on schedule, you’ve found the right team!

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#9. Shaadi Squad

They’re new age, they’re approachable and they’re the masters of weaving a beautiful Bollywood wedding. Want proof? They were the planners of the dreamiest wedding of 2017—#Virushka’s Italian fairytale. The Shaadi Squad has proven its expertise with the stunning images of Virat & Anushka’s wedding décor, the discreetness with which it was done, and the sheer magic it created. Need we say more?

USP: They bring you decadence without being old school in their approach. Basically, they’ll be the sounding board between a millennial couple and their parents!

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For out-of-the-box weddings

Want a wedding at an apple orchard? Or Want every guest to have a hangover kit? Maybe even a sangeet inspired by Michael Jackson? If you’ve got mad ideas and are looking for a wedding that’s just a lot of fun and quirk, then these wedding planners in India can help make it a reality

Out of the Box Wedding Planners
Out of the Box Wedding Planners

#10. A Klass Apart

Known to push the envelope with their ideas, this wedding planning company is the ideal choice for couples looking to engage guests and plan a celebration that is filled with fun and all things different.

USP: With their unique ideas and fun concepts, a wedding planned by A Klass Apart is sure to be one that’s remembered for a long time.

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#11. Shloka Events

From arranging a Harley Davidson baraat to a completely molecular wedding menu, there is no request crazy enough to stump this super-experienced wedding planning company. If you have a wild imagination, let them make it a reality!

USP: Shloka Events has just the right mix of spunk and experience to comfort any couple. They can execute the off-beat ideas, but can also tread the line between fun and freaky!

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#12. Krayonz Entertainment

With theme and destination weddings being their strong point, here’s a wedding planning company that’s used to accommodating all sorts of requests by clients. You can literally pick a destination, pick a theme and leave it to them! They’ll do the rest.

USP: For couples looking at specific themes for functions, be it Vegas-inspired bachelors do or a 60s black-tie ball, Krayonz Entertainment is the right place to go.

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For Planners Specializing in Décor

If you’re a super-organized couple that has everything under control, these planners are a great option to go for. They’ll recreate your dream with the most stunning décor and will be able to help you with any other small requirements you have without signing up for the whole sha-bang!

Decor Specific Wedding Planners
Decor Specific Wedding Planners

#13. FNP Wedding Planning

As one of India’s leading flower companies, you know you’ll not be shortchanged when it comes to breathtaking backdrops and beautiful floral vistas. Ferns and Petals, a household name in the flower business, branched out into wedding planning as a natural extension and are known to plan and execute the most magical weddings. They have a pan-India presence, making it easy to work with their team irrespective of where you are based.

USP: Floral décor, obviously! Be it traditional marigolds or exotic varieties, if you want flowers to be the highlight of your décor, there is nothing this team can’t execute.

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#14. DreamzKraft

Describing themselves as the perfect unison of rustic and sophisticated charm, DreamzKraft wedding planners know their way around décor, and how! Having planned a dreamy wedding for actor Sonakshi Sinha’s brother’s wedding, their body of work and the exclusive clientele is a testimony to their skills.

USP: If you’re looking to make a GRAND statement, and want a jaw-dropping reaction from wedding guests, you’ve found your dream team!

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#15. Vivaah Wedding Planners

The wedding vertical of Party Cruisers India started off as a décor specialist before branching out into other forms of planning. And they are truly exceptional at what was their first love! They have styled weddings across the globe and have a great eye for minimal, elegant and contemporary décor

USP: From Tanzania to Thailand or Trivandrum, they are truly masters at creating a dream décor irrespective of location.

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#16. Q Events

The masters of opulence and grandeur, Q Events redefines regal décor, Whether you want to recreate a Maharaja’s palace or bring Greece down to the beaches of Goa, their motto is to bring your imagination to life.

USP: If you have a theme in mind or want to recreate the Pinterest-like wedding, Q Events will deliver. Guaranteed.

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For those looking at community-specific planning

The most beautiful thing about Indian weddings is the cultural diversity and plethora of traditions we have. However, sometimes it might be difficult for your planning team to understand the nuances of your ceremonies. For those specific about these, the below planners are a perfect choice!

Community Specidic Wedding Planners
Community Specific Wedding Planners

#17. Iyer Wedding Planners

Planning a Tamil wedding? Meet the experts who will make sure you get every detail right, right from the mandapam to your tambhoolam bags! They are a one-stop-shop for everything you need for the big day and all the surrounding ceremonies.

USP: When they say they do it all, they really mean it. If you hire this team, you can really just sit back and relax!

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#18. The Royal Reception

Marwari and Gujarati weddings are known for many things, and lack of ceremonies is certainly NOT one of them! These communities have a never-ending list of customs and The Royal Reception can help them navigate this seamlessly! From different rituals to the specifics of food (and trust us, there are many), they have mastered it all.

USP: They pay extra emphasis on the menu and ensure a feast worth remembering for these communities

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#19. Punjabi Virsa

Punjabi weddings have transcended their community and found a little place in practically every Indian wedding. Nuances to celebrations in this community that is brought alive by Punjabi Virsa. This company truly understands the pulse and beat of the big fat Punjabi wedding

USP: While they work on weddings across communities, they can bring the crazy fun aspect of Punjabi weddings to just about any celebration.

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For planning services in non-metro cities

Wedding planners are the people who hold the magic wand to your wedding, and you want them to be accessible at all times. But if you’re worried that the best ones are located in the metros, you’re wrong! Here are some amazing ones to choose from in the below cities

Wedding Planners in Non Metro cities-1
Wedding Planners in Non Metro cities

#20. Fiestro Events

Based in the pink city, this wedding planning company is ideally perched to not just service the couples in Rajasthan, but also those who plan to have their wedding in the royal city of Jaipur. With an exhaustive list of services offered and a rich client base, this experienced team is a great option to go for.

USP: Their strength is to make your wedding a dream within your budget, and that’s a big one in the wedding industry!

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#21. Tamarind Weddings

Are you getting married in God’s own country? Well, while the magical backdrop will do most of the work for you, here’s a wedding planner who’ll take care of everything else. Tamarind Weddings, based in Cochin, offers a bouquet of services that can be as customised as you like. They also have a great repository of content for the engaged couple to take inspiration from.

USP: They recognize that no two weddings are the same and therefore customize their offering based on your unique requirements.

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#22. Red Tag Wedding Planners

If there’s one thing Chandigarh is synonymous with, it’s people and weddings that are both larger than life. And if you’re looking to have a celebration that’s full of heart and unabashed fun, then you’ve come to the right place with Red Tag.

USP: Staying true to the spirit of the city, they promise to bring the best entertainment to your big day!

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