The 5 Most Bizarre Luxury Items Ever Made

No price is too much in the face of love and dare I say, in the face of luxury. Over the years, the luxury industry has skyrocketed and now amounts to a staggering 281 million euros worldwide. This figure includes colossal sales by dreamy luxury brands in various sectors such as clothing, automobiles, perfumery, and ostensibly, some outrageously expensive and bizarre items which will surely dazzle you out of your wits.

These bizarre luxury items have been swept clean off the store shelves by the likes of those with a fetish for unusual luxury, and seriously deep pockets. Why you ask? Well, that’s one question that has no concrete answer. The entire luxury industry thrives on humans’ insatiable want to be surrounded by brands, aesthetics and big labels. People can do just fine without the labels, but luxury products are accompanied by a deep sense of satisfaction and rapture. And well, some people are just luxury enthusiasts and connoisseurs who appreciate the supreme craftsmanship that luxury brands are known for.

So, let’s dive right into some of these exorbitant and preposterous luxury items that are sure to simultaneously puzzle and bedazzle you.

1. Louis Vuitton Jenga Set

Image Courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Want to take the game night with your pals up a notch? This Louis Vuitton Jenga Set, a part of Fall/Winter 2019 offerings, is just the best custom-made product to make you feel on top of the world. LV dove into the game and collectibles sector by glamorising Hasbro’s classic Jenga game. You don’t have to worry about the quality even for a second. This unique set is completely made up of beautiful rainbow-tinted plexiglass, making you want to forget everything else and just play Jenga all day. The set is monogrammed with the LV logo as well as emblazoned with floral motifs that are synonymous with the brand.

According to Louis Vuitton, “This vibrant Monogram Tower is a whimsical gift to delight the entire family.” For utility purposes, the Jenga set is engineered as a portable game with a leather handle for convenience and of course, to establish a beautiful silhouette. It’s at least 20 stories above our basic $20 wooden Jenga and is priced at a whopping $3,050 USD.

2. Smeg x Dolce and Gabbana fridge

Image Courtesy : Robb Report

Dolce and Gabbana have always lauded their Italian heritage in grandeur but in 2016, they set out to take it to the next level. They collaborated with the Italian appliance brand, Smeg, to celebrate their mutual ‘Made in Italy’ heritage by hand-painting historical art all over 100 fridges. Apart from infusing the aesthetics associated with the luxury brand, each fridge included Sicilian imagery like lemons, cartwheels and medieval knights posing in historical battles.

The idyllic Sicilian representation was possible as the brilliant painters were Sicilians who made intricately detailed art, taking inspiration from the past. The Sicilian artists’ creativity and exceptional workmanship stained the refrigerators in multiple popping colours and designs. The results were 100 one-of-a-kind refrigerators, each humming a story of their own. These obviously became an instant favourite in the market, even though they were priced at a hefty amount of £36,000. Beauty can’t be denied any price, after all.

3. Prada paperclip money holder

Image Courtesy: Prada

This $185 paper clip demanded to be included in the list of bizarre luxury items as it broke the internet with multiple Twitter trolls being launched at the luxury brand. Prada launched this unbelievable paper/money clip, made using sterling silver with the classic Prada named stamped upon it.

While several people speculated it to be inspired by Microsoft, the majority went ahead to scoff at the preposterous price tag. However, this paperclip money holder was made available at stores like Barneys, where luxury enthusiasts rapturously swept in and swept it off the shelves.

4. Raf Simons Duct Tape

Raf Simons, being the brilliant designer that he is, made a pop-culture statement with an over-the-top duct tape priced at £155 per roll. This duct tape was first sported by models on the runway of the autumn/winter 2017 collection. But here’s the twist- instead of being used to seal boxes, this duct tape was seen wrapped around the bodies of models to hold their coats and blazers in place!

Knowing Raf, the duct tapes came in two basic colours, namely, white and black. The duct tapes emblazoned slogans like “RSYP YOUTH PROJECT” and “WALK WITH ME”, both painted with a hot red colour. So, aside from being a staple household item, Raf Simon’s duct tape lets you make a fashion statement with this multi-purpose fashion accessory. Commanding a staggeringly high price of $200, this duct tape can sit both in your closet as well as your kitchen.

5. Tiffany and Co table tennis paddles

Image Courtesy: Tiffany and Co.

The avant-garde jewellery luxury brand, renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and princess cut engagement rings, moved into the arena of everyday objects with table tennis paddles. The brand said, “this Table Tennis set is a solid upgrade over traditional gear.” Fret not, these paddles are not all talk, but actually hold a hallmark of 100% quality over their $40 counterpart.

This Table Tennis Set is crafted from pure American walnut and comes in a classic black colour and a beautiful turquoise shade. Moreover, since it’s from Tiffany’s, there has to be some glitzy bit, which is why the paddles feature sterling silver brand plagues. Enveloped in full-grain panels of leather with a charcoal black colour, this Table Tennis Set also boasts of leather grips. Now, Tiffany’s has been always known for its gorgeous little box which is why the luxury brand didn’t shy away for a glorious packaging for this set too. You’ll receive your set with three balls, embossed on which is Tiffany's logo in the iconic box that they’re world-famous for, and all this for a price of $700. Worth it or not? We’ll leave it up to you.
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