Men’s Diamond Jewelry – The Trend, And How To Wear It

Are you hoping to shop for men’s diamond jewelry, but you’re not quite sure how to style this or wear this with your current outfits? Are you undecided on what type of jewelry to buy and what doesn’t work for you? Let us help.

In this article, we aim to answer the following questions:
  • What diamond jewelry are for men?
  • How do style men’s diamond jewelry?

For the majority of men, wearing and styling diamond jewelry is a confusing subject. It’s not something you find in magazines or demonstrated by jewelry ads. The reality is it’s simply not offered as much as women’s jewelry in the market. If you’re wondering exactly how to wear and style men’s diamond jewelry, or what type of jewelry you can shop for, here is a helpful guide to get you started.

What Diamond Jewelry are for Men?

Are you in the market for diamond jewelry for men? Are you not quite sure what type of jewelry will elevate your style? These are your options for wearable diamond jewelry for men.


When you think of diamond rings, you think of engagement rings. But the trend of men’s jewelry is here, and it is here to stay. Men’s rings are now considered more as signets or rings of another importance. But they are also now commonly worn for style purposes. In fact, a ring can make the biggest impact on your outfit. You can wear different ring types, from bands with accent diamonds to rings with a large center diamond. It depends entirely on your preference.

Diamond Ring Styles for Men:

Diamond Accented Wedding Bands – Add a little something special to your wedding band and choose a design with accent diamonds. Have a look at our Single Center Yellow Gold Wedding Band. It is simple in design, but with a small diamond that makes a big statement.

Fashion Rings – Fashion rings come in different designs that are commonly worn according to someone’s style. They come in all shapes and sizes, created to symbolize different ideas, or pretty much anything under the sun. Have a look at these gold fashion rings styled with a simple outfit.

Cluster Rings – Cluster rings are perfect for signet rings. The diamonds can be put together in any shape or form. Have a look at the minimal cluster diamond ring design below. It is simple, yet unique, perfect for a signet ring.

In most cases, rings are usually the first introduction men have to diamond jewelry. You can start with a diamond wedding band, and work your way towards wearing rings as a style statement.


If rings are men’s first introduction to diamond jewelry, earrings are the second most popular diamond jewelry for men. Earrings are not necessarily worn for a purpose, but rather, as a style choice. It is a subtle way to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, and it is a great accessory to work with.


Luxury watches have long been a collector’s item and one that’s sought after by the rich and famous. In some cases, watches have become somewhat of an investment item as their value can increase according to how rare they are to find. There are diamond watches that can reach values up to $5Million dollars or more.

Diamond-studded watches, in particular, can both be a great investment and a solid addition to your men’s diamond jewelry collection. The choice of designs will depend entirely on your preference as different watch brands and designers create their own diamond-studded watch styles. It’s all about finding the style that suits you best.


Classic diamond cufflinks are a must-have in your men’s diamond jewelry collection. They add the sophistication to complete the entire look of a suit.

You can choose from a more traditional set of cufflinks, or, if you are lucky enough to wear a suit every day, you can be more adventurous with your designs. In fact, there are some men whose entire diamond jewelry collection consists of only cufflinks. It’s the perfect way to add individuality to the uniformity of a suit and tie.


There’s a big misconception that diamond necklaces are specifically only designed for women. The idea we have of a diamond pendant is a small, petite piece of jewelry. When in fact, diamond jewelry can be designed in a variety of ways.

Types of diamond necklaces for men:

Diamond Cross – A cross necklace is a great example of a popular men’s diamond necklace design. It is not only worn for style, but also as a symbol of religious devotion.

Diamond Chains – Diamond chains are also another popular diamond necklace design for men. This has become somewhat of a status symbol for many artists and successful individuals in the music and film industry.

Diamond Dog Tags – Dog tags were made popular when worn in the army as identification tags. This style was adopted by men’s fashion and has become a staple for stylish men’s jewelry.

Diamond Pendants – Diamond pendants are usually worn by men on a larger scale compared to women. Whether it is set with one diamond or a cluster of diamonds, the variety of designs makes it a great choice as a necklace for first-time buyers.

What type of diamond necklace you wear will depend entirely on your style. It is a great accent point with any outfit and can work as a piece that you can wear consistently every day.


Diamond bracelets for men most commonly come in a chain or a tennis bracelet design. It is a piece of jewelry that can be customized or worn as something simple and subtle. It is the least considered type of jewelry for men, but it is also one of the more unique choices in a collection. It stands out and makes a statement. And it can be worn on its own or stacked with different bracelets or a watch.

How do I Style Men’s Diamond Jewelry?

When it comes down to wearing your diamond jewelry for men, it all begins with preference and comfort. Think of what makes you feel good or comfortable. Try your pieces of jewelry with your favorite outfits and see where different styles take you. To help you get started, here are some helpful tips on how to style men’s diamond jewelry.

Keep it Simple

Gone are the days when the more jewelry you wear, the better. Unless you enjoy wearing multiple pieces of jewelry all at once, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible. Men’s diamond jewelry should complement an outfit, but not crowd it. This means sticking to one or two pieces per outfit.

You can choose classic earrings or ring combinations, stick to one necklace, or have a minimal bracelet peeking through your shirt sleeve. The key to effectively styling diamond jewelry for men is to keep it simple and letting the diamonds be a focal point, but not steal the show.

Wear Them with Different Outfits

Don’t be afraid to try different pieces of jewelry. You’ll be surprised at how great different pieces can look with different types of ensembles. A pair of diamond earrings will look equally as good when worn with either a suit or a loose white polo shirt for the beach club.

A very common misconception is that diamond jewelry can only be worn for special or formal occasions. This is far from the truth. Men’s diamond jewelry in particular is also commonly styled with both low-key minimal attire and streetwear fashion.
Style with Different Metals

Don’t be afraid to try different metals to mix and match with different color palettes for your outfit. A piece of jewelry can work as both an accent piece for an outfit, or an anchor that ties two colors together. It’s all about trying what color combinations work best for every outfit. With men’s diamond jewelry, you have a great selection of metals to choose from.

Types of Jewelry Metals to choose from:
Stainless Steel

Each metal has distinct properties that make them look and feel different when worn. 

Yellow gold diamond jewelry can be worn in a variety of subtle colors; black, beige, navy blue, and gray. The color gold is versatile and can work with any skin type. The best part is that yellow gold does a great job at highlighting the diamond. The contrast in color lets the diamond stand out.

Style According to the Occasion

If you don’t know exactly how to wear your diamond pieces, think according to the occasion. A great pair of diamond cufflinks will look exceptional when worn at a wedding. A diamond necklace, on the other hand, will look better worn at a nightclub. Style your diamond jewelry with the occasion in mind, and you’ll never go wrong with how you wear it.

What occasions to wear different men’s diamond jewelry:

Weddings or Formal occasions – Cufflinks, diamond rings, or diamond earrings can work with a suit. Or a formal shirt for special occasions.

Everyday outfits – There’s no right or wrong way of wearing men’s diamond jewelry for everyday outfits. This boils down to your personal style. You can wear any or all types of diamond jewelry if this is what makes you feel good.

Office or work situation – Diamond jewelry for work needs to be subtle. It can’t be too loud like a diamond chain or bracelet, but you can wear small earrings, a luxury diamond watch, or a diamond ring. The important thing is to keep it small and minimal.

The goal is to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Choosing what to wear for certain occasions will guarantee that you don’t feel out of place or awkward with your diamond jewelry.

Copy Other Men’s Style

There’s nothing wrong with imitating a good thing, especially when it comes to fashion and style. If you’re struggling to find out how to wear your diamond jewelry, take the cue of celebrities and individuals whose style you admire.

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Jason Mamoa are great examples of stylish individuals who wear men’s diamond jewelry for different occasions. Search how they do this and see what you find appealing. Try it out yourself, and see for yourself what looks best with your own personal style.

Conclusion – Wear What Works for You

Overall, remember to keep jewelry simple. Keep your own personal style and what works for you in mind. When choosing to wear jewelry to an occasion or for every day, you should ask yourself these three basic questions:

Does it match my outfit?
Is it appropriate for this occasion?
Am I comfortable wearing this?
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