The Story of Diviano

Having been in the emerald trade for over 15 years, Mr Dinesh Hirawat has been an expert in gemstones, and this expertise came in handy while starting off Diviano.

Diviano was started by Mr Hirawat in 2019 with his brother Mr Deepak Hirawat.

The idea has always been to put the know-how and the expertise in gemstones to good use while creating unparalleled jewellery pieces. Hailing from the pink city of Jaipur, we experiment a lot with gemstones and colours to make our pieces vibrant. Elegance is what excites us, and we strive to create exactly that.  We have been able to get our hands on various decks of the jewellery trade and were always able to deal a winning hand to those who allowed us the privilege.

Only the best of the gemstones are used, which are designed and set to perfection to create nothing but the best. Our modus operandi has always been inspired by two words: “The One”.

Diviano derives its meaning from 'divine, and means The One. We create exceptionally crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that are rare to come by and are a sight to remember. We have been able to incorporate that ‘divinity’ into our jewellery pieces and has brought in uniqueness for our patrons. Our raison d'ĂȘtre is to create elegant products, that adorn the beauty of the bearer. 

The creation of every unique piece of jewellery goes well beyond just its shape and design. Every single element and process are of fundamental importance for the success of such a creation. Over the duration of our existence, we have made it a point to meticulously study the improvements that can be made in all phases of jewellery making that includes design, the choice of materials, production process, techniques, while working with a team of highly professional and trained artists and craftsmen.

We don't settle for anything below sheer excellence. That’s what it means to be ‘The One’ for us.

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